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Puppies born at Kennel Cevan january 11th 2010


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These pages are a tribute to the most wonderful dogs in the world - The Caucasian Ovcharka.  It is one of very few breeds of dogs that has survived to the present day in its genuine excellence.

Today In Norway there are two FCI registered kennels breeding Caucasian Ovcharka:   Kennel Cevan breeding first litter in 2003 (kennel owner Cindy Andersen)  and Kennel Rauland-Sandst°yl breeding first litter in 2005 (Kennel owner Peter Graasvoll).  The third kennel located in ┼snes, Hedemark was closed down by animal health authorities in spring 2008.

 Apocalypse of The Four Horsemen

Apocalypse of The Four Horsemen Apocalypse Of The Four Horsemen Apocalypse Of The Four Horsemen

Norwegian Winner BOB 2008 - Tachetee Fedja y Cevan

Kaukasisk Ovtcharka Kennel Cevan Cindy Andersen

In photo 8 months old.  Photo by Trine Gustavsen

Tachetee Fedja y Cevan

Caucasian Ovcharka Caucasian OvcharkaCaucasian Ovcharka

Photo over:  Tachetee Fedja y Cevan, 7 weeks old.  Photo by breeder Tarja Tuomisto.

 Caucasian OvtcharkaCaucasian Ovtcharka

Photos over: Swedish Winner 2008  Norwegian Champion Birma.  Owner / Breeder: Cindy Andersen, Kennel Cevan.


Databases  to look up pedigrees for Caucasian Sheep Dogs.  Also in some of them you can add the pedigree and picture of your dog/dogs.

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Thousands of pictures of Caucasian Sheep Dog:  

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Caucasian Ovtcharka









"Zoot" Nuch Such NordV02 NorduV02

Caucasian Ovtcharka

Caucasian Ovtcharka

Left: Tamara Echinus.  Right: Zoot

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Caucasian Ovtcharka

BOB puppy KSS Show 2008 is Tachetee Fedja y Cevan.  Owner:  Cindy Andersen, Kennel Cevan  Breeder: Tarja Tuomisto, Kennel Tachetee, Finland

BOB Puppy KSS Show 2007 is Buju, Owner/Breeder Cindy Andersen, Kennel Cevan



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Caucasian Ovtcharka





Over: Son and daughter of  Zoot:  N uCH Aico Nagazi and Anuschka. Breeder:  Cindy  Andersen. 

Over:  Son of Zoot, NuCH A-Varg 19 months old.  Breder: Kennel Rauland-Sandst°yl, Norway (Click photos for large view)

Caucasian Ovtcharka

Over: Zoot and our neighbour.

Caucasian Ovtcharka puppies

Caucasian Sheep Dogs performing at the sircus:

Click on photo to see more.

Video under:  Zoot and Tamara playing in the dogpen.

Caucasian Ovtcharka

Over:  Zoot pulling the Zacco cart.

Famous Russians with Caucasian Sheep dogs

Zurab Tsereteli, the president of the Russian academy of arts:

- At my place 14 dogs are Caucasian sheep-dogs, English mastify, the German shepherd. Why so it is a lot of them? I love dogs are the true and devoted friends. When in the morning I leave the house, they see off me up to a gate, and I come back in the evening - and they rush to me towards, welcome. Allocate any one of them I can not - all of them for me as native, close.


Left: South Russian Ovtcharka Axel Snow Rose.

                   Below: Tamara Echinus


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