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Here you can find stories and pictures from different activities with KO's. 

On june 3rd 2006 I took my dogs for an overnight trip in the forest.  We walked for several hours crossing rivers and swamps before we arrived at the gourgeous lake where we spent the night in a dirt hut (kind of like those they have in Africa).   Zoot carried my sleepingbag and clothes in his backpack, while Tamara had on a harness and did pull me up steep hills. Click on photos for larger size.

Just arrived

Tamara is looking out at the lake.

Tamara by the Lake

Here she is waiting for me to prepare food for her.

Tamara with her harness

She is standing on the rocks.

Tamara in the lake

Here Tamara is trying to scare away the canada geese. Funny how the canada geese was barking back at the dogs. It had Tamara in a frenzy and I think she really wanted to swim out there to get the fowl :-)


Sitting patiently waiting for food.


Smiling :-)

Tamara in her harness

Looking out over the lake

Zoot chilling out

Zoot waiting for his food. Ofcourse I brought some extra treats for the dogs. And on the menu was cowbelly, meat and dog icecream (frozen bonemarrow).

Zoot smiling

A big smile. My dogs enjoyed this trip so much, sleeping out in the wild is a treat for this freedom loving dogs.

Zoot looking at the canada geese

Imagine that Zoot before I took this photo, had rolled in the swamp and been in dirt to up his elbows. The wind blow his coat dry, and he actually looks freshly groomed (wich he is not :-) In photo after total shedding.

Canada geese

This canada geese was swimming in front of our campsite for a long time. Anytime my dogs barked at it, it actually barked back at them, wich had at least Tamara very upset.

Scenery from the lake

This is the view from our campsite, showing two little islands.

Scenery from the lake

This is the view from our campsite in other direction.

Tamara running on the shore

Tamara busy as always, bathing, running and bathing some more.

Tamara on the rocks

This is Tamara at the campsite.



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