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bullet Livestock Guarding Dogs
bulletIn English we have a number of eloquent sayings that summarise this special issue of Carnivore Damage Prevention News. The most relevant are "use a thief to catch a thief" or the "poacher turned into a gamekeeper". Together they describe the use of one carnivore (the domestic dog) to protect livestock against other carnivores (wolves, bears, lynx, cheetahs etc). In the face of costly losses to wild carnivores European livestock herders have bred a wide range of dog breeds to help protect their flocks. On one hand these dogs reflect part of our European cultural heritage. On the other hand they provide an effective tool to help reduce conflicts, and hopefully increase public acceptance for large carnivores. However, it was a close call. In the early to mid 20th century the use of these dog breeds declined, many breeds were on the edge of extinction, and the knowledge about of how to use them was rapidly becoming lost. Thankfully, they passed through this bottleneck and are now becoming used with increasing frequency, both in their European homelands and in new lands that never developed their own breeds such as Africa, North America and Scandinavia.
bullet Livestock Guarding Manual
bullet Dowload the Livestock Guardian Manual from Bornfree.  PDF-File.      


bullet Earliest Domesticated Dogs Uncovered
bullet May 8, 2003 The skulls of two Stone Age dogs believed to be the earliest known canines on record have been found, according to a team of Russian scientists.  "We suggest that the dogs looked like present-day Tibetan mastiffs or Caucasian sheep dogs," Sablin told Discovery News. "The dogs had a much wider palate and shorter rostrum than Siberian huskies and Great Danes. The reconstructed withers height is about 70 cm (27.56 inches), therefore the dogs belonged to a very strange and dangerous heavy hunting/guarding breed."


bullet Caucasian Ovcharkas In Moscow - History
bulletThe very first post-war show reports date to 1947. Nearly the all main foundation sires of Moscow COs foundation stock were presented at that show: KARABASH (owner Medvedev, later military unit 74390), KALIF (the kennel of Moscow Society Club of Working Dogs), LORMI (the kennel of the Central Club of Working Dogs), the son of GROZNY (military unit 74390) and NORA (owner Glanovskaya), DZHAN (owner Mitrofanov), FRANT (the kennel of Moscow Society Club of Working Dogs), NORA (owner Glanovskaya), the daughter of KARABASH and GAMAZ (military unit 74390). DINA (ownerBenetskiy), DINGA (owner Shoshin) and DUMKA (owner Skachko) the daughters of KARABASH and KALIFA (owner Moll) - were at the forefront of the junior group.


bullet G.Kirkitskaya: History Of Osman
bullet OSMAN-2 The pedigree number is №87, № PCWD (Podolsk Club of Working Dogs) 77222, was born on March 27, 1986 in the Red Star Kennel, perished on December 15, 1993.  G.Kirkitskaya is a well known Russian breader and judge FCI





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